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A Camera in Every Kitchen

The New York Times has an article about the design of Kodak cameras. It’s ostensibly a positive article that talks about how Kodak really studied its users and made usability a design priority, but it also works nicely as an explanation of why I’d never buy a Kodak digital camera.

One of their first insights is that Kodak's target market was annoyed and sometimes intimidated by the need to use a personal computer in order to print pictures. Many women, the anthropologists found, wanted the center of their picture taking and viewing to be the kitchen rather than the home office.

The kitchen. If I were a woman, I think I’d be offended.

Comments | December 27, 2004

I can’t imagine why we aren’t more optimistic

The Wall Street Journal bemusedly observes:

The resolution of the presidential election was supposed to breathe life into the confidence levels of consumers and companies alike. Just shy of a month after the fact, however, investors are scraping for evidence that this is happening.

U.S. consumers appear, if anything, more downbeat than they were on election eve.

Go figure.

Comments | December 1, 2004

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